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oeSENC and oeRNC Frequently Asked Questions

o-charts plugin

The o-charts plugin works on Windows, Linux, macOS and Android systems. There are no OpenCPN or o-charts plugin versions for iOS.

No, You can not. We have to prevent the system from being cloned.

We have to run this operation and respond to the charts licensors fees and conditions. The structure and costs are kept to a minimum. In case we have a great success economical speaking, funds will go back to OpenCPN.

To work with oeSENC and oeRNC charts we have to ensure that no copies of the unencrypted cells are accessible during the execution of the software. Therefore, the plugin has an open-source part and a binary following the recommended practice for Open Source projects.
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USB Key Dongle

This dongle is a USB key for the charts. It allows to install your charts in several computers. However, only the device where the dongle is plugged in will have an active license and will display the charts. We can call it a "portable device". The USB Key Dongle is not a USB memory. There are no charts or other information on it but the license key and you can not save anything onto it. The dongle supports oeSENC and oeRNC charts, it does not support S63 charts.

The USB Key Dongle works on Windows, Linux and only on latest versions of macOS systems. It does not work on Android and iOS.

No. You can assign and install charts directly to your devices without a dongle. Charts assignments are limted (usually two), so you will consume one of the assigments for the USB Key Dongle only when you need to install charts on unlimited devices. For example, if your chart has 2 allowed assigments you will be able to assign them to:

  • 2 Windows/Linux/macOS/Android devices
  • 1 Windows/Linux/macOS/Android device and 1 dongle
  • 2 dongles

Since the USB Key Dongle does not work in Android, the most common case is 1 assignment for Android and 1 for a dongle.

No, you can not. The USB Key Dongle is a special piece of hardware that is only available from our store.

Yes, you can assign as many charts as you want to the same USB Key Dongle.

You should repeat the process described in our short manual on each device. Once the charts are installed on multiple devices you just have to carry on your dongle to switch between them. You can also move the installation folder between devices and install them manually (Options → Charts → Charts files) but we strongly recommend the first method to be able to update the charts easily later.
[Online installation]

Yes, you can create a "System Name" for your device and assign and install charts only for it, then plug in a dongle, assign the charts to it and install them on this and other devices. The charts assigned directly to the "Sytem Name" will always be usable and charts assigned to the dongle will only be usable with the dongle plugged in.

No, this is not supported.

Find more detailed information in 'License Conditions'.
For details about the legal framework and usage of our charts refer to the 'EULA'.
Contact us if you have any question.
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