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S-63 UserPermits Frequently Asked Questions

They are the official and generally the most up-to-date chart material available. Vector charts for chart plotters used for the leisure market are at best derivatives (some will have some added features).

We have to run this operation and respond to the IHO on a permanent base. The structure and costs are kept to a minimum. In case we have a great success economical speaking, funds will go back to OpenCPN.

It will not run there. We have to prevent the system from being cloned.

Please generate a new InstallPermit.

Yes, and this case will “cost” you an InstallPermit for your new machine as well.

The retail price is fixed by the individual HOs. Their customers are from the shipping industry or official bodies like governments, not the leisure market. This is a recognized issue and the reason why there are very few users of S-63 charts from this group, for now. We will need a lot of lobbying to get better solutions and better prices. Help or support from those who have the right contacts would be appreciated.

The chart will not disappear, but there will be a warning displayed.

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