Charts for OpenCPN

Getting oeSENC and oeRNC charts for your offline OpenCPN system

Install your charts offline only in the case of limited or no Internet access of your target device. If your OpenCPN system has Internet connection we strongly recommend the online method to be able to update the charts easily later.
[Online installation]

You will need the latest version of OpenCPN and install and enable the 'o-charts' plug-in to use these charts.
[Install o-charts plugin]

The license of a chart entitles to assign it to more than one Windows, Linux, macOS or Android devices (usually two). To have unlimited installations for a chart, you have to expend one of those allowed assignations in our USB Key Dongle (only for Windows, Linux and recent macOS systems).
[o-charts USB Key Dongle]

Follow these simple steps to install your charts offline:

  1. Go to OpenCPN → Options → Plugins → o-charts → Preferences and click on "Create System Identifier File". The plugin will report the path to the file. For Windows and macOS systems a copy is created directly on the desktop. For Linux systems the file is created on ~/.opencpn folder. If you want to assign charts to the USB Key Dongle, plug in the dongle first and then click on "Create USB Key Dongle System ID file" instead.
  2. Copy this Fingerprint file onto some portable device and look for a computer with Internet.
  3. Go to the o-charts shop and license the chart sets you are interested in.
    [o-charts shop]
  4. Go to o-charts shop → My oeSENC/oeRNC Charts page and create a new system identifier there by uploading your Fingerprint file and giving it a System name. If your Fingerprint comes from a USB Key Dongle you can leave the "System name" field blank.
    [My oeSENC/oeRNC Charts]
  5. You will see the list of your licensed charts below. Select a "System Name" for each chart you want to install. CAUTION, once assigned, it cannot be changed.
  6. Make a chart request by clicking the button that will appear on the column "Last requested" and the chart will be processed. You will get an email with a link to download your charts. Processing time depends on the chart size, the queue on the server and the network charge at that moment but will be never more than 2 minutes.
  7. Download your chart, copy it to a portable device and go back to the boat. On your target system, unzip the charts into a directory of your choice and install your charts as usual in OpenCPN → Options → Charts → Chart files → Add Directory. If you are using the USB Key Dongle, remember to plug it in to see the charts assigned to it.

To update your charts, go back to the "My oeSENC/oeRNC charts" page. The "Last Requested" column will display the last version you requested and warn you about available updates. Request, download and reinstall your charts and do not forget to remove the previous installed version.

Find more detailed information in 'License Conditions' and 'FAQS'.
For details about the legal framework and usage of our charts refer to the 'EULA'.
Contact us if you have any question.
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