Australian Vector Charts 2024


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Fishing zones for the relevant Marine Parks along the Queensland coast are available with "qld-coastal-zones" and Draw Plugin.

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Edition 2024/1-9
Publication Date 2024-05-13
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Allowed Installations 2

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by Dave, "redog666"

Australian hydrographic charts do not distinguish visually the different Marine NationalParks (Green), Habitat Protection (Blue), Conservation (Yellow), Scientific Research (Orange) or Preservation (Pink) zones. The aim of this project is to make available .gpx files that are usable as a layer using the ODraw plugin within OpenCPN, which provide complementary information, essential for compliance with regulations in these areas. Draw allows layers to be projected over charts and can be turned on/off with the click of a mouse. These .gpx files have been created from coordinates provided by the QLD Government. The target areas are the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (GBRMP), Great Sandy Marine Park (GSMP) and Moreton Bay Marine Park (MBMP). The Activities Guide provides information of allowable activities for each zone.


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Activities Guide
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