oeSENC/oeRNC Charts Conditions

oeSENC and oeRNC charts can only be used in OpenCPN.

The license of a chart entitles to assign and install it on more than one device running Windows, Linux, macOS, or Android Operating Systems. The most common case is two assignments per license. You can use them simultaneously or you can save a backup to use in case your main device dies.

Once all the allowed assignments of a chart have been consumed, you will need to license the chart again if you want to install it on more devices.

Once you assign a chart to a device, you cannot unassign if you have already requested charts.

You create a "System Name" for your device and the 'o-charts' plugin gets some hardware and software elements to identify this device. If any of these elements changes, your device will be presented as a new one and you will lose one of the allowed assignments.

Your license should survive any OS update, but if you reinstall your OS, you will lose one of the allowed assignments.

Your license will survive to any update of OpenCPN, 'o-charts' plugin or third party programs.

Only really important hardware changes will kill your license. Connecting peripherals will rarely affect your license.

A "System Name" cannot be deleted or moved to a different device, but we can disable the "System Name" of a missing device to avoid future chart assignment mistakes.

The o-charts USB Key dongle counts as a "portable" device, assigning charts to it allows to install the charts in as many devices as you want. However, only in the device where the USB Key Dongle is plugged in, the license will be active and will display the charts.

According to European regulations, oeSENC and oeRNC charts, as digital content, are exempt from the 14 day cooling off period. Once you have requested charts for an order they will work forever, so we cannot cancel the order and refund you. If you have already assigned a chart to a device, but have not requested charts yet, we can still cancel your order and refund you.

Your charts expire after a year from the purchase date. After expiration, you cannot request updates for them any longer. It is not possible to assign an expired chart to any device, even if it still has free assignments.

S-63 UserPermits Conditions

S-63 plugin is not available for Android or iOS.

We do not sell S-63 charts, we just provide the S-63 UserPermit as the required tool to license charts from S-63 chart resellers like Chartworld.

To buy a S-63 chart from any provider, you need an UserPermit. Charts licensed with the OpenCPN S-63 UserPermit can only be used in conjunction with OpenCPN as established in the S-63 standard.

You are allowed to use every chart you buy in 5 systems simultaneously or you can save them to be used in case your system dies. We will generate an OpenCPN InstallPermit for every individual system. The InstallPermit links a S-63 chart set for OpenCPN to one system. Do not mistake the OpenCPN InstallPermit with the S-63 cell permits.

"System" is the combination of computer and OS. If any of these items changes, your system will be presented as a new one, you will lose your license and you will have to consume another InstallPermit.

If you have consumed your 5 shots, you will have to purchase a new UserPermit and hence license charts for this new UserPermit. As this is a new cycle, you will have 5 install opportunities (InstallPermits) again.

Your license should survive to any OS, OpenCPN or plugin update but if you reinstall your OS you will lose your license.

Once you have licensed an UserPermit we can not refund you.

Once you have generated an InstallPermit for one system we can not cancel or move it to a different device/OS combination.

Check the S-63 charts providers conditions about updating and expiration.

Returning Purchased Dongles

We can only accept returns of dongles within 14 days of receipt. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs and any fees charged by the bank unless the dongle arrives damaged in shipment or defective. We will replace, repair or refund you for any confirmed damaged in shipment or defective dongle at your option. We will not accept returns if the dongle is damaged due to improper handling by costumer. Please contact us before returning any package!


Orders within the European Union

If you are an individual consumer or a Spain-based company, you will have to pay VAT.

If you are an EU-based company (not in Spain) that is VAT-registered and you are excluded from paying VAT, you will be prompted for your VAT number when introducing your company name. Verification will be done at the time and must be successful to complete the purchase process without VAT.

Orders outside the European Union

VAT tax does not apply to orders outside European Union except some countries like UK and Norway. However, you are responsible for any tariff, duty, taxes, handling fees, brokerage charges, customs clearance charges, etc. required by your country for importing consumer goods!

There is no way for o-charts (the seller) to predict your country's customs/fee habits, so be prepared to pay full taxes on the fully declared value of your order as well as any customs fees your countries postal system may charge you!

If you do not pay the required brokerage fees, tariff, duty, taxes, handling fees, customs clearance charges, etc - we cannot issue any refunds.

Customer obligation

Acceptance of the offer compels the payment by the customer and the agreement with these terms.