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S-63 plug-in for OpenCPN

o-charts.org is the gateway of OpenCPN for S-63 charts

You will need the S-63 plug-in, an UserPermit and an InstallPermit.

The required S-63 plug-in can be downloaded from the official OpenCPN download page.

The UserPermit (paying a fare) and the InstallPermit for your individual install are issued at the shop.

On the documentation page you will find additional information and advices, in English and other languages.

The UserPermit is the key to licence S-63 chart sets from distributors. In this moment there is an agreement with ChartWorld in place.

S-63 implies a DRM scheme: the charts are licensed for an individual PC.
This can be done using Hardware- or Software-dongles.
OpenCPN uses a soft dongle: a fingerprint for the PC has to be created.

We are waiting for your Feedback at the OpenCPN forum!


o-charts.org handels the S-63 plug-ins for OpenCPN  -  OpenCPN is open source software

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