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Migrating from 'oeSENC' and 'oeRNC' plugin to 'o-charts' plugin

If you are still using the old 'oeSENC' or 'oeRNC' plugins, you should migrate to the new 'o-charts' plugin which unifies and improves support for oeSENC and oeRNC charts. In order to work with these improvements you need to uninstall the 'oeSENC' and 'oeRNC' plugins, delete the charts in place that are still within the license period and re-install them using the 'o-charts' plugin.

Do not erase your old expired charts as you will not be able to re-install them. The new 'o-charts' plugin will also accept charts in the old format.

Follow these simple steps to migrate:

  1. Delete the relevant chart directories. CAUTION! Do not delete expired charts as you will not be able to request them again.
  2. Delete the corresponding entries in the chart file list (Options → Charts → Chart files). CAUTION! Omit this step for expired charts.
  3. Disable and uninstall the 'oeSENC' and 'oeRNC' plugins in Options → Plugins.
  4. Install and enable the 'o-charts' plugin.
    [Install o-charts plugin]
  5. Follow the standard steps to install your actual chart sets using the 'o-charts' plugin.
    [Online installation]

Find more detailed information in 'License Conditions' and 'FAQS'.
For details about the legal framework and usage of our charts refer to the 'EULA'.
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